Evil Vs The Wholeness of Humanity

We so often hear in many of our stories, a tale of good vs evil, wherein a bearer of the light must rise to combat & either contain or vanquish some shadowy foe, lest their dark dominion swallows the world whole. This idealism is ingrained so deeply in our brains, that we have come to project the roles of hero & villain onto the people around us. Thus, we either idolize someone for their good merits, feeling that somehow they will save the day, or we condemn them for their crimes, claiming they are the reason why everything has gone to shit.

Heroes & villains, however, don't really exist, & anyone who self proclaims to be either one of these in any serious manner is, quite frankly, nuts. While Hollywood makes millions off of feeding our belief that if we can just cut off the heads of those who are evil, the segregation in our minds grows, bleeding into our relationships, even the one we have with ourselves.

People are people, no more & no less, & the misunderstanding carefully hidden within this fantasy is that darkness itself is the face of evil, & anyone who dares to embody the shadows must be cast out of civilization as quickly as possible. But evil is not darkness, nor does light necessarily represent what is good. Instead, the light is that which reveals the truth, & the truth is that evil is an artificially constructed program that has been spread throughout the collective consciousness of humanity in an effort to divide us.

Our true, original nature is not tainted by evil. No one is born evil, but we are born into a world where evil exists. Although as children, we are naturally loving, kind, forgiving, empathetic, & eager to connect to each other, over time our psyche soaks in the acts of evil we witness in the world & sometimes, despite our best interests at heart, we unconsciously repeat these acts because our awareness of them has only reached a subconscious level. We are not evil, but we do commit evil, & the more evil someone perpetrates, the more unconscious of an individual they are, having lost their connection to their own childhood innocence & their sense of oneness with the rest of the world.

As individuals, we all carry both the light & the dark within us. The darkness itself is nothing to be afraid of, nor does the light we see guarantee an honoring of our humanity. No one is coming to save us either, so it is up to us to become aware of, no matter how painful it might be, the ways in which we dishonor each other & ourselves, for none of us are perfect. We all fuck up from time to time.

However, we are whole. We are so whole & born with such a natural sense of morality that we have the capability of overriding this program called evil without also feeding the idea that there exists any one soul who is incapable of redemption. Evil is the act of dividing, to claim that we don't go together & so one of us must perish in order for the other to live comfortably.

The antidote to this is love.

Love is the act of uniting because love recognizes we are all born from the same consciousness, expressing itself in fractals, & so no one being, no matter how much evil they have engaged in, is separate from us. They are still a part of us. It is not the person we need to reject, but we do have a need to say "no" to evil, to stop accepting it as being normal or okay.

As a collective, we have to do more for each other. Looking at the evils that mankind has committed is more than enough proof that in many ways, we have failed. Killing has become as easy as pressing a button & so, the only thing standing in the way of a life suddenly lost for someone else's gain is a character strong enough to recognize that the only evil they may vanquish is the evil living inside, dressed up as a hero & villain, duking it out for all eternity.

So the era of The Hero is over. Either we accept each other in our wholeness & support each other as we evolve into peaceful warriors, extending our patience to one another while we undergo the process of revealing that which harms us & that which heals us, bringing the subconscious to the light of our waking conscious, or we abandon each other as if a human life could so easily be thrown away & we run far, far away from the connection our hearts so dearly crave. The former will not be painless, but the latter will surely kill who we truly are. We are done with destroying love.

The era of Love has begun.

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