It is not the end of the world, only the end

of your comfort zone, outside of which

is even more of the world,

waiting for you to begin again, so don't hold your breath,

step through as you exhale,

& find yourself somewhere new, like you always do

when you realize something isn't right for you,

prompting you to travel in a different direction.

Every goodbye you give to your old self,

is another hello to who you truly are,

so don't worry so much about what others are doing;

your pace is the only one that matters.

You don't have to run,

for or from,

anyone ... ever... again.

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it's grating, the way those

neuron paths I no longer wish to follow, still

light up in my brain as an afterthought,

beliefs I once held to be true, now so obsolete & yet




there they go again. but the more I move

away from them, no longer

placing them center, until

love has filled my brain, the more they




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